Room 23


The bird tried               to regain strength.


The girl tried                heartlessly       to throw herself.


The window tried         to see out. It was raining.


The man insisted         that he do their job. It was a late time.

They should go.


The pin tried    to be a key to the shirt. But fell out

onto the ground.


The older man             who knew the bird and the girl

wanted to look like the palm tree outside the hospital.


The bird           sometimes flew down and settled in that

tree. He looked in        through the window.


The window     could not see past the bird’s

reflection         looking in.


The man          in the older man’s room

stepped on the pin,                jumped.


He       and the window          saw the girl falling

at the same time.


The bird           fell       took off upward

in the opposite direction.


The older man             saw the bird fly                       saw the girl

who     had landed in his palm tree.


The palm tree              held her up to all three.

Man, older man, window.       Three inside.


Three outside.             Girl, palm tree, bird.

In reflection                 until somebody went to get the other.



Vivienne Mohan is a nineteen-year-old poet from Queensland. In 2016, she was runner-up in the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize.